DEPOT TOWN THURSDAY NIGHT CRUISE BEGINS JUNE 6th Museum closings: Private event Saturday May 18, Sunday May 26 Private event Sunday June 9

Save the Date Our 2019 Orphan Car Show is Sunday September 15th. Featuring Corvair . Questions, call 734-482-5200

Admission for adults $7.00 children under 12 free

If you are looking for an off site place to hold a meeting or an unusual venue for a special event, give us a call.

As pictured above, we feature the Chevrolet Corvair, Hudson, Tucker, and Kaiser-Frazer stories with cars and displays. Hosting the National Hudson Museum, the Hudson story is told in a fully preserved 1930s dealership.

Whatever you drive, your car contains the evolutionary history of more than a hundred car companies that contributed innovation and design enhancements for over a hundred years. Some of these companies are no longer household names. Our four cars/companies have a major Ypsilanti connection and have become legends. As a thriving commercial and manufacturing hub, Ypsilanti had a significant influence on the history of the automobile.