Apex Motors

Apex Motors which produced the “ACE” car from 1920-1922 was located on South River Street.

Apex Motors, manufacturer of the Ace car was formed in Ypsilanti during October 1919. Apex supplied autos to the northwest United States which suffered from a shortage of automobiles after World War I. Production began within six months. The car featured a very unusual motor with overhead valves driven by a gear instead of a camshaft. Early success during 1920 led Fred M. Guy, the engineer and O. W. Heinz to leave the Company during April 1921 for other opportunities. New officers of the company did not have the experience and the venture fell apart quickly. Records of how many Ace cars were manufactured are incomplete and no Ace automobiles remain in existence.

Illustrations in the first “Ace” brochures showed a 12,000 to 15,000 square foot factory with a large office building ended up being a one-story wood and stucco building for the short-lived answer to the north-west U.S. CAR SHORTAGE.